Contact us and Get comprehensive counseling. When you visit our office, we get information including academic and financial condition. We categorize students into 4 groups as per their academic condition.
• Excellent: Student scoring 75% or Above
• Good: Student scoring 60-74%
• Average: Student Scoring 50-59%
• Poor: Student Scoring below 50%
Students who fall in the first three categories are considered academically eligible. Then we check their IELTS /TOEFL score if they have already taken the test. If not, we advise them to prepare for the test.
We counsel about the course and place of their preferences. We check financial Bank statement, income source, properties etc. Those student who meet the English, Academic and financial criteria are considered for admission. Students knowledge and own research about their study plan as to what/where/why/how to pursue it will be taken in account.