Once you complete basic study in your home country, most of you decide to go abroad for further study. As there are many options, students get baffled to choose appropriate one for studying abroad. Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK and other European countries are most popular among us as study destination.

One should think about language, university ranking, cost of course, length of course, migration rules, culture, climate and safety of the destination country before choosing suitable country for them. Each country has their own unique features. One should do thorough research and get help from professional counsellor before choosing or deciding things on study abroad. Universities have their own set of procedure that one needs to satisfy before getting offer from university.

Basic process is alikein the case of most of the countries. First step is to choose course and university where you want to study. Then make sure you fulfil their entry requirements. English test score and academic percentage have vital role to enter your desired university. One must prove that student has enough finance to support their tuition and living cost while they are studying abroad. Some has strict entry requirement while other has bit flexible. After that you must apply college/university with proper documents. Then the college/university will issue offer letter and later CoE after you make payment. Final step is to apply for visa with all these gathered documents.

Once you get visa, be well informed on airport pick up, accommodation, location of college/university, people’s manner such as their likes and dislikes  and other stuffs that will help to settle in new environment. Most of us will be experiencing first abroad experience so it is crucial to do this research.

Target Counsellors are specialized to guide student throughout the all stages from application to pre-departure.